You have been living in the UK too long when…

You say please, thank you, and sorry for no reason whatsoever

You genuinely like Marmite

You know there is a right and wrong way to drink tea (and secretly judge people)

You are obsessed with the weather forecast

You get quite offended when people say that British food is horrible

You don’t mind warm and gasless beer

You know there is a card for EVERY occasion

You don’t dare to complain face to face in a restaurant but then you write a horrible review online

You have a favourite regional accent (and understand them all!)

You say “cheers!” way too often

You have given up on umbrellas (ugly but efficient rain ponchos are the way to go)

You have a favourite packaged sandwich flavour combo

You know what social class you and others belong to depending on what supermarket you buy your groceries at

You are not shocked at people having a pint at 7am in the airport

You leave your coat at home when the sun is out (even if it’s only 10°C outside)

You say things like “it’s not quite what I had in mind” to express huge disappointment

You have become so passive-aggressive and sarcastic you don’t know yourself anymore

Your personal space is wider than ever

You never say NO, instead you say things like “We’ll see” or “I’ll think about it”

You are an introvert now, and you love it


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